Hungry Devils by Bryan Webb

In Hungry Devils, Bryan Webb takes you on a modern missions adventure. Authentic, humorous and inspiring stories fill every page. With Bryan's gripping descriptions you will:

  • Stare into the eyes of regretful cannibals
  • Stand on the brink of an erupting volcano
  • Climb rugged mountains to discover forgotten Stone Age tribes.

You will move from laughter to tears, you will be inspired as you experience the joys and heartaches of twenty-first century missions.

An Assembly of God missionary for fifteen years in the South Pacific Islands Bryan draws on his years of experience to bring you a firsthand account of modern missions. With his refreshing candor he debunks many of the myths about missions and missionaries to bring you an unvarnished, graphic description of front line missions. A must read for anyone who cares about the Great Commission.

Review by Randy Hurst

"I've known for many years of the incredible work Missionary Bryan Webb has done in Vanuatu. Even though I had read some of his captivating newsletters over the years, I wasn't prepared for how riveting Hungry Devils would be.

Vanuatu is one of the most challenging mission fields in the world today. Many totally unreached tribes are still waiting to hear for the first time about God's free gift of salvation in Jesus Christ. But, it is also a land where you can meet believers from a heritage of cannibalism who have been transformed by the Word and the Spirit.

Anyone interested in exotic places and who has a heart for the lost in yet unreached areas will want to read this book!"

-Randy Hurst, Communications Director, AG World Missions

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Hungry Devils by Bryan Webb

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